How to check who viewed my Instagram Profile?

Who viewed my instagram

If you have made your Instagram profile public recently or looking forward to doing so, the above might be your question. There is a whole big psychology that works even in the case of us using social media. People want to check who visited their profile but the Instagram app doesn’t offer any such feature. Even then you can do so by following several steps to know “who viewed my Instagram profile such as:

Third-party apps

You can look for it on Google; there are numerous apps that seem available for this purpose. You can download such apps on Android as well as iOS devices that you have. But the most important question is, do these apps really work and let you know who actually viewed your Instagram profile?

The answer is a clear ‘No’ as most of these apps are fake and don’t work as an Instagram profile viewer. They just show you random names out of Instagram whenever you try to look for it. Google reviews show it clear that these apps don’t work at all. However, they are a few apps and extensions available that can provide you with results. These apps are not on the app stores and come with risks.

Interesting Instagram stories

Even if you are not satisfied after the above answer and still want to know about your unknown profile visitors, there is away. You can use your stories to check who is checking your profile. Try to put a creative story on your profile and from there you can see who visited your account. You can find out if they are mere your Instagram followers or other people. Remember, if you are about to download any of the apps that claim this, don’t fall for it. Instagram API doesn’t share such critical information with third-party applications.